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    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2012

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    South African rock quartet Civil Twilight conquered 2012. Their year included the release of the new album, Holy Weather, a coast-to-coast U.S. tour playing with groups like Mutemath, Of Monsters and Men, Milo Greene, Silversun Pickups, and Bush, all in addition to a slew of additional pressy ventures. Their final U.S. performance was on December 9th, and they're finally getting a chance to return to the homeland, only to play three more shows once they've arrived.

    Last month, the band released a music video to complement Holy Weather track "River," which is a montage-like documentary of their recent adventures. We recently chatted with Rich Wouters of Civil Twilight who gave us a little insight on the meaning behind the cooling yet urgent "River."

    Why was "River" the track chosen to document your lives on tour?

    The message of "River" is one that resonates deeply in our band, and continues to keep us going day-to-day, from one city to the next, and on towards the next show. The line in the chorus "Take another dive into the river" is a call that goes out to everyone, imploring all of us to take a leap of faith and jump fearlessly into the unknown. Be brave, and wild also! If you don't fight against the current, the river of life will take you into many foreign territories that are at once exciting and intimidating. The touring life, for us, has certainly come as a result of taking a risky plunge into unknown waters. We float our way into a new town every day, meet new people and (at least try to) create new sounds every performance. What we are hoping to convey in our new video is our own sense of adventure, and that we continue to be surprised by what awaits just past every river bend.

    How does it feel to be heading home at the end of the year?

    We're all really excited to get back to see our family and old friends. A homecoming is a wonderful event, maybe made more impacting by the amount of time one has spent away from home. We don't go back often (flights are pricey), so when we do we really try to make the most of it. We're bringing all of our girlfriends with us, and showing Kevin the country for the first time. That being said, we can't wait to get back.

    What was the most unique venue you played on this tour?

    There's a beautiful old theater in Montreal called Le National. The place is full of majesty and a really inspiring place to play. Creaky, slanted old wooden floors, balconies with intricate custom trim, and a very good sounding PA and light system. We also played in front of a swimming pool outdoors in Vegas earlier in the year. A few of our die hard fans dove into the water when we sang the chorus of "River."

    Did you guys crash a wedding? Whose wedding was that in the video?

    That was Kevin and Kylie's wedding in the mountains of North Carolina. We've been friends with both of them for a few years, and naturally came out to celebrate with them on their special day. A wedding is also a good example of taking a leap into unknown waters; that's why the clip ended up in our music video.

    When can we expect to see you back in the States?

    We'll be back Stateside by early January 2013 (if the Mayans weren't right about the world ending on Dec 21st). We have a few shows already lined up in the next year. Come out and see us!

    Holy Weather is out now via Wind-up. Grab it on iTunes.

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