on the fifth day of christmas baeble gave to me...
    • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2008

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    ...5 extra golden rings (ba dum dum dum)

    It's time our Twelve Days of Christmas Countdown include a bit of international flavor...which obviously means we're celebrating the performance Extra Golden allowed us to film. Shot on location at New York's Knitting Factory, this performance from Extra Golden is the product of impeccable timing. Claiming band members from both the United States and Kenya, Extra Golden rarely tour. So when we saw New York dates lining up amongst high profile performances at Bonnaroo and Pitchfork, we knew we better act fast. Over the course of this hour-plus set, Extra Golden pit patented bits of progressive American psych-rock up against honest to god Kenyan Benga music, with surprisingly compatible results. So give the globe a mighty spin for yourself. Check out this incredibly unique performance from Extra Golden. - david pitz

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    VIDEO: extra golden:: live at the knitting factory - New York, NY

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