The Baeblemusic Awards: Best Sophomore Album
    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2012

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    The "Sophomore Slump" is a phenomenon most notable for its association within professional sports, but it most certainly exists in the music world. It behooves us to recognize those who managed to avoid the abyssal depths of disappointment, and produced something as good, or better than their debut. Allow us to present the nominees for Best Sophomore Album of 2012 (applause).


    1. Mumford and Sons - Babel - 41%
    2. Cloud Nothings - Attack On Memory - 22%
    3. Passion Pit - Gossamer - 14%
    4. Two Door Cinema Club - Beacon - 12%
    5. Tennis - Young & Old - 11%

    We weren't surprised to see Mumford & Sons seal the deal in this category. Nearly 50 percent of the votes were in their favor. We're confident that in this particular matter, our small poll is a reasonable projection of the average American listener. And what's not to like about Mumford & Sons? Sure, they're dressed like a family taking Olde-Tyme Photo Christmas cards, but they're affable guys with insanely catchy and passionate tunes. Riding the crest of the indie music wave produced by Arcade Fire's Grammy win, they launched themselves into the mainstream at the perfect moment. They've since started their own musical revolution. The market for obscure chordophones has never been stronger, and we, for one, can't complain.

    What was also inspiring about the results of this poll was the second place victor. Cloud Nothings, a band off the standard listener's radar nabbed nearly a quarter of the votes, beating out indie-pop zealots Passion Pit. The energetic, progressive punk album, Attack On Memory is its own unique flow against the tide of today's strumming indie scene. Cloud Nothings' music is loud, fast, and dirty, clad with the often incomprehensible vocals. It's an entirely opposite aesthetic from Mumford & Sons, and seeing both of these bands top the poll repleneshes our faith in the diversity of your musical taste. You enjoy hearing fresh sounds, and we're hear to share them.

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