Billy Corgan Meets Howard Stern, Results Not As Obnoxious As You'd Think
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2014

    • Posted by: Austin Price

    It's unsurprising that Howard Stern would follow up last week's conversation with Dave Grohl by interviewing another icon of '90s rock, Billy Corgan (known to most of us fogeys as the outspoken leader of The Smashing Pumpkins, known to younger folks as the guy who told off Anderson Cooper). What is surprising is the fact that Corgan actually comes across well, for once.

    He's still definitively combative -- in just six minutes he finds time to dismiss Pearl Jam as derivative stadium-rock and to make it clear he thinks that The Foo Fighters "just haven't evolved" -- but he's also quick to admit that by his own highly competitive standards the two bands are doing a fair bit better than he is in terms of career. For once, it's easy to believe him when he says these criticisms aren't a matter of personal resentment so much as judgments delivered by a rock critic who is, well, bored by what he hears. There's no erasing the condescending tone from Corgan's voice, no, but he's bearable and less-than-smug for once in his life.

    Feel free to scope two of the choicer segments below:

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