Frightened Rabbit Recite 'Pedestrian Verse' at Brooklyn Library
    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Musical tastes fluctuate with the seasons. As the summer ballads have long since escaped our playlists, we've smoothly transitioned into a hearty diet of earthy and emotive tones. The warmth of an acoustic guitar and the poignant poetry of an inconsolable Scot is our ideal accompaniment to a steaming cup of cocoa sipped near a roaring fire. And according to our research, the moody allegory of Scott Hutchison and Frightened Rabbit's February 2013 release Pedestrian Verse perfectly suits this wintery state of mind. This is why we were thrilled to have hosted the group during a recent swing through New York City where they occupied a cozy Brooklyn library with a few of their awakening tunes. We hear Hutchison's stubborn yet cleansing confession in "Holy", the skeleton in the closet "Backyard Skulls", and the Game of Thrones-inspired "Candlelit". Luckily, there was no librarian to hush this incredibly charming session.

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