Announcing the Baeblemusic Wordpress Plug-in
    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2012

    • Posted by: David Moffly

    We announced the launch of our Wordpress Plug-in today for the entire Baeblemusic video library. If you are on our email list or following us you received the announcement first thing this morning. What this Plug-in does is it allows Wordpress sites to easily add Baeblemusic's large and growing video library to their sites. The Plug-in, like an "embed," extends our video architecture to new sites that download and install the software. The installation takes under three minutes.

    Why we think this is important:

    There are the obvious self-serving aspects of the Plug-in. It extends our web video reach beyond our Apps, Roku, and Google TV implementations. This benefits us for SEO purposes as the number of sites that install the Plug-in grows and link to our site. Social actions on the videos also accrue to us. Ultimately we will monetize these video streams in some manner as they grow in scale.

    Beyond these aspects we also see this as extremely important for the Artists we work with. Our job with our productions is to show those artists we have selected to film in the best possible light. For the most part, we do a good job at this. We have had a few fails over the years - I still regret making Woodpigeon look purple in an early Guest Apartment session. The concurrent responsibility is ensuring that as many people as possible get to see and experience the music of these extraordinarily talented individuals. Mike from Passenger gave us all goosebumps in an acoustic session last week. We want as many people as possible to know his music and share in the experience.

    Baeble is unique in this space in that it has an enterprise-grade video architecture that it controls. The video players are state-of-the-art HTML5 and work across most platforms (android mobile is funky and browser-dependent) and the video streams from our global contract CDN provider. We fundamentally believe that to succeed in the long term on the Web and beyond as a creator and distributor of quality programming the company must also master the means of distribution and enjoyment. Whether you are watching video on our site, Roku, our Facebook App, or now on our Wordpress implementation, we are deploying a common infrastructure.

    So the Plug-in is another tool and step in the process of bringing our curation and thinking of the artists that matter today and tomorrow to an ever widening audience of music fans where ever they are.

    Get the Plug-in for your Wordpress site today.

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