the flaming lips' silver trembling fetus hanging christmas tree ornament
    • THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2009

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    The Christmas shopping season 2009 is shaping up to be the year that alternative celebrities finally embrace their repressed capitalistic urges and start marketing themselves beyond their chosen craft. The cast from Its Always Sunny gave us the Dick Towel, Weezer has slapped their name on the Snuggie, and now The Flaming Lips have bestowed upon us Silver Trembling Fetus Hanging Christmas Tree Ornament. The introductory video boasts Wayne Coyne dressed in a festive skull embroidered Christmas sweater surrounded by tinsel and all the holiday trimmings. The fetus ornament comes in a "very cool cosmic collection designer box" and evidently "has the potential to make you smarter". Boy, what a salesman, I bet Billy Mayes and the baby Jesus are smiling down on him right now. I hope Santa drops one in my stocking, hey I've been good, no nudie bubble videos weighing on my conscience this year, Wayne.... - amelia trask

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