on the 3rd day of christmas baeble gave to me...a bunch of bad kids at mccarren
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2008

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    You can't stop our 12 Days of Christmas Countdown. So please, just submit to those shows we consider to be the very best of the year that was. For our third day, we're featuring a band we're pretty sure have ended up on Santa's naughty list more than a few times in their life...but we'll let you be the judge of that.

    Gritty guitars, black wayfarers, and...toilet paper? Hardly the typical rock n' roll prescription, but The Black Lips brought their snarling, flower-punk circus to Brooklyn for one hell of a show (which included "5th Black Lip" King Khan singing in a golden Tina Turner dress). However, through all the chaotic excess, the Black Lips offer a surprisingly raw and straightforward garage-punk attack that injects the roll back in rock 'n roll (be sure to watch their performance of "Bad Kids." It's fantastic). Despite the beating summer sun, the result was an intimately poppy and violently fun show that needs to be seen to be believed. We here at Baeble were lucky enough to catch the onstage anarchy for you guys at home. Just watch it. Seriously. - Chris Gayomali

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    VIDEO: Black Lips:: Live at McCarren Park Pool - Brooklyn, NY

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