Husky Find The Beauty In Nostalgia And Melancholy
    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 01, 2015

    • Posted by: Vince Brigante

    Australian indie mushers Husky just released a video for their song "I'm Not Coming Back." And it's super cool. While the song illustrates feelings of contempt and neglect and the hopes to reverse those feelings, the video documents a man and his dog taking an adventure to do just that.

    The duo picks up hitchhikers, drive through a very Nightmare Before Christmas-esque forest, and eventually take flight off the earth towards a much more inviting sun. The song itself is a strewed somber folk tale with plenty to offer. And the video gives you that warm feeling in your stomach like you just had some hot chocolate. So even though the song suggests not to return home, we recommend you do, so you can watch the video, and ask your mom for some hot chocolate. Because home is where...the hot chocolate is.

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