PJ Harvey Pops Up Long Enough To Promise Book Of Poetry
    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 01, 2014

    • Posted by: Austin Price

    The best treats are those you never see coming. PJ Harvey was silent for a while there, at least musically, leaving us to wonder if she hadn't maybe dropped out of the musical game permanently, but as it turns out she was occupied with a rather new project. Now, it's no secret that Harvey's always had an interested in literature, especially poetry, but it was a bit of a secret that she was putting together a book of poems and art in the meantime. In fact, this newest project, a book entitled The Hollow of the Hand, began back in 2011 as a series of photographs and short videos for Let England Shake, but morphed when she and friend and noted photographer, Seamus Murphy, decided that the scope of their collaboration had gotten a bit more ambitious than all of that.

    Those chomping at the bit are going to have to sit still for a spell, though. The Hollow of the Hand isn't set to release until October 20th of 2015 when it will drop as both a special edition hardback and a standard paperback. It's gonna be image heavy, which means you won't want to skimp on the production, so I think it's safe to say you might wanna go ahead and pre-order that hardback edition right now.

    Anyone who's impatient can take a look and a listen to some of her older stuff on her VEVO channel, like this here video of Man-Size.

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