Ghostface Killah's '36 Seasons' Streaming On NPR Now
    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 01, 2014

    • Posted by: Austin Price

    I know how it is when you're waiting for an album. You put that release date up on the calendar, you scratch off the days one by one and the closer it gets the more impatient you get. By the time there's a week left you're just about ready to explode. It's too much. And then you start looking on the internet for a leaked track, a bootleg recording, concert fan footage, until finally you're scrounging through virus-laced torrents for a full-cut of the album. You silently promise the artist you'll buy the album when it drops, but you need that noise NOW!

    Except sometimes that's a bad idea since sometimes that artist is Ghostface Killah (and who the devil wants to cross THE Ghostface Killah? ), sometimes that album is one as rock-solid as 36 Seasons and sometimes, but only sometimes, you can get the whole damn thing through a legal stream on NPR. Yup, that's right: though 36 Seasons isn't actually set to hit stores until December 9th NPR's doing everyone a favor and streaming the whole album, without any kind of interruptions, on their website. I won't spoil the album now, though you can expect a review next week, but let's just say that it's chock-a-block full of wonderful collaborations and Ghostface at his most soulful.

    But I won't say more: I'll just connect you to the stream here and leave it for you to sink your proverbial teeth right into. (SPIN's also got a fun interview for your perusal, too. It's a Ghostface kinda day!)

    For those not eager to jump right into the album, though, there's a single you can use to ease into the whole business:

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