Single Series: Tellison
    • THURSDAY, DECEMBER 01, 2011

    • Posted by: Ed McGarrigle

    Tellison is a band from West London who happened to meet during an earthquake on the Isle of Arran, an island off of the coast of Scotland. They released their full length debut, The Wages of Fear, back in June of this year. Now, they are back as part of Family Records Singles Series and attempting to psychoanalyze you through your earbuds with their new single off that album "Freud Links The Teeth And The Heart."

    So how do some bad British teeth translate to a sad pop song about broken hearts? It's hard to say exactly, but Tellison are able to do it with ease. The track starts with two guitars laying down their gentle licks before the smooth bass line and singer Stephen Davidson's voice come in. The track builds around Davidson's voice with more pronounced drumming and piano coming into play. "She says to me 'Please take care of your teeth'/And I say to her 'Please take care of my heart,'" he sings before talking about how he bedded his French dentist. Sounds like that might make the Novocaine worth it. Listen to "Freud Links The Teeth And The Heart" below.

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    The track is available for purchase here.

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