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    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 01, 2010

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    Toronto indie-pop group Wildlife (there are apparently several bands with similar names out there, but we've linked to the right one) recently expanded their debut EP, Strike Hard, Young Diamond into a similarly-titled full-length album. So far, the results have been good — the band has been making a positive impact in the blogosphere, and its easy to see why. The tunes, which the band describes as "[furthering] an understanding of what it means to be naive and full of spark," are overflowing with raw energy and optimism.

    Best of all, the band has released a selection of three tunes from the album for free through its Bandcamp page. Follow the link to listen and download.

    Unfortunately, its a bit tougher to lay hands on the whole album - its currently only available in physical form here through Paypal or in real life at Toronto's Soundscapes. This will all change when Strike Hard, Young Diamond hits iTunes on December 7th, though.

    If you're looking for live shows, the band has a single hometown gig scheduled for December 8th at the supermarket in Toronto. -peter menniti

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    Wildlife on Bandcamp
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