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    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 01, 2009

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    December! Wow! We've got a few years before superpower nations China and Google go to war in late 2011, so let's take a three and get a cream soda. We've seen so many shows together, Baeblers! Now let's gather around the watercooler and talk about our favorite scene from Twilight: New Moon videos and records from 2009!

    The end of the year is a time reflect on our dumb planet and all of its various cultural memes. Boy, a lot happened this year! We had a new President in office, Twitter exploded, and this thing ruined popular music forever. But hey, it was a great year for indie rock and especially for new and interesting developments. Now it is time, like every other music-centric organization, to force our best-of opinions on you! Get out your fighting words, put on some socks and lets see how this dance is done.

    We're compiling several "Best of Baeble" lists over the next week, to debut the final choices as the weeks go by leading up to PRESENTS! Christmas. Here are the categories:
    1. Top 25 Albums

    2. Top 10 Music Videos

    3. Top 5 Guest Apartments

    4. Best Feature

    5. Top 5 Concert Videos

    The best part is that unlike the cruel know-it-alls of most people, we're being democratic about it. We've created a survey for all of our viewers, editors and staff, to vote for their picks in each category. It's so easy, it's like Geico! Even a Caveman would be offended! OK enough LAFFS from '09, here is the poll:

    Your feedback is important to us, so please take a few seconds to fill out our survey! Polling ends next week on 12/7, so act quick! -joe puglisi

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