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    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 01, 2008

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    When last we heard from Zach Condon, Brooklyn's Balkan boy wunderkind was allegedly planning to hang it up for awhile. A refreshing sort of retirement was in the works...what was his always enthusiastic public to do? Find the next striving young Phoenix to lash themselves on to I suppose. BUT! Today, the inbox brings news that the next young musician worth getting one's self all hot and bothered over may not rise from the ashes of Condon. No, the future is Condon himself...a lot of Condon actually.

    Slated for a February 26th release, the next installment of Beirut spawns from a wealth of source material written earlier this year while Condon supported his awfully awesome album, The Flying Club Cup. Entitled March of the Zapotec, Beirut's third full-length is a whopping double LP treatment in the vein of Bright Eyes' '05 releases, Lifted and Digital Ash in a Digital Urn. For the best sprawling batch of information, we take you directly to the source, courtesy of the fine folks over at Ba Da Bing Records.

    "In the year 2008, Beirut alternated between the two extremes of the modern musician; touring the world in support of 2007's much-lauded The Flying Club Cup, and nurturing the creative spark by writing a wealth of new material. With no sense of a release in mind, bandleader Zach Condon recorded in any style that struck his fancy. Some early discussions about recording material for a film being shot in Mexico morphed into a new idea...what about hiring a local Mexican band to help record some songs based on new material? After finding the band through a friend's mother, hiring a translator, and catching a plane down to Oaxaca, Zach made his way to the tiny weaver village of Teotitlan del Valle, where he met the nineteen members of The Jimenez Band. The ensuing weeks of recording, rewriting and relating are documented in a series of short films (to be released online as the release date for March of the Zapotec draws near). The second part of the release, Holland, collects a series of new home recordings done by Zach under his old moniker, Realpeople, and gives the listener a unique perspective on yet another side of Zach's artistic vision. Whether he's being inspired by Balkan folk, French chanteuse, Mexican troubadour, '80s synth pop, or '90s house, the common thread remains Zach's ability to make a simple melody both artistically unique and endlessly familiar. March of the Zapotec marks the continuing emergence of a musician who has only shown an inkling of where he is headed. And while the road may be long, every stop along the way invites a new experience."

    Here's hoping said experiences produce as compelling a listen as Condon's previous efforts. - David Pitz

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