Ed Sheeran's New 'Perfect' Video is a Corny, Cozy, and Cute Cliche
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 09, 2017

    • Posted by: Rachael Morrow

    The video for "Perfect" dropped today and it's got that typical, cutesy Ed Sheeran touch that we just love so much. There is an excessive amount of those smiling-at-each-other-from-across-the-room shots, but it seems we can't get enough of them!

    It starts off with Sheeran meeting the lovely Zoey Deutch and friends at some snow resort, before setting off on a skiing/sledding adventure in the hills. The video continues with car sing-alongs and more gazing at each other from distances. Ah, it's just so cozy. The chemistry between our two stars is what makes this video so adorable -- it's almost sickeningly sweet. The singing and playing guitar in a snowy cabin is on the brink of cringe, but there's a part of us that secretly loves it and wishes it was us. Hashtag JEALOUS.

    The best scene by far is the evening skiing session where they appear to be using flare guns as the light source. Despite its somewhat questionable safety issues (they're professionals so it must be ok?) if anything, it's mesmerizing to watch.

    Sheeran has done it again, delivering an endearing video to give you the warm fuzzies. Plus as an added bonus there's a very special appearance of a little fluffy friend that'll send you over the edge.

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