5 Artists to Check Out if You're Stoked for Sleigh Bells' New Album Tomorrow
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 09, 2017

    • Posted by: Annie Brinich

    Tomorrow, alternative duo Sleigh Bells releases Kid Kruschev, a new 7-song mini album. With two singles out on pre-release, the mini-album is shaping up to be a less distorted, even moodier Sleigh Bells than we've seen in the past. If you're on Taylor Swift watch tomorrow as Reputation debuts, Kid Kruschev might help wash down all that pop-y sunshine. If you're no Swiftie, but are looking for some artists like Sleigh Bells, we've got you covered.

    1. Noga Egez

    You may have missed Nora Erez's debut last year. If you did, know that she's a up-and-coming musician whose rapid-fire, innovative beatmaking and big bass makes her an excellent match for Sleigh Bells (and also a dead ringer for M.I.A.)

    2. Phantogram

    You probably have heard of Phantogram, who released the phenomenal album Threes in 2016. Including them on this list is more just a reminder that they're really, really great, and Threes deserves revisiting.

    3. Tink

    Hip-hop artist Tink collaborated with Sleigh Bells for the 2015 track "That Did It." That track, about eviscerating overblown male egos, is a must-listen. The rest of Tink's stuff is equally as good, though it tends goes in a more traditionally hip-hop direction than her Sleigh Bells feature.

    4. tUnE-yArDs

    tUnE-yArDs, like Sleigh Bells, incorporates quite a bit of strangeness in their music. They pair up dark melodies with sickeningly sweet female vocals, creating a cool-but-kind-of-sinister vibe.

    5. The Uncluded

    Speaking of odd combinations, were you aware that singer-songwriter Kimya Dawson and rapper Aesop Rock were in a band? Because… they were. And while their sound is very different from Sleigh Bells, if you like usual musical collaborations, you'll love the Uncluded.

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