5 Uplifting Songs To Boost You Up After This Election
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 09, 2016

    • Posted by: Amy Tang

    The wait is over and the election results are in.

    No more refreshing your computer screen to see how many electoral votes each candidate received, no more polishing off bottles of wine or whiskey while keeping up with the projections, and definitely no more laughing (or crying) over memes that seemed like one giant joke. It's over. The results may have made you feel anxious, upset, happy, or indifferent. Whatever it may be, we shouldn't let the results change our outlook on what's to come. Instead, we should focus our attention on becoming a cohesive society, to direct our collective attention to the fact that no matter what happens we are here to support each other.

    So whether you're out and about or still in bed, here are five songs you can listen to that'll make you remember how we should all feel right now.

    1. Imagine Dragons - "On Top of the World"

    Listening to frontman and lead singer Dan Reynolds' voice will instantly make you remember that although "it's hard when you're falling down / and it's a long way up when you hit the ground," we need to always be hopeful, to set goals and aspire to them in whatever state we're in, good or bad. The song's uplifting, cheery melody will get you up and moving, making you remember that at the end of each day, you're in control of your own life.

    2. Modest Mouse - "Float On"

    "Float On" starts off with an infectious guitar melody followed by Isaac Brock's unique and boisterous free-flowing voice. You can even think of his voice as a parallel to the lyrics as he sings "we'll all float on alright." Carefree and upbeat, the song makes you remember that "even if things end up a bit too heavy," we need to keep a positive mindset and float freely on with hope and determination.

    3. Beyonce - "Formation"

    Sometimes you just need a reminder to tell you that you SLAY. Beyonce does exactly that in "Formation." After one listen you'll feel empowered, fresh, and ready to take on the challenges that youre facing (maybe even toting along some hot sauce, too). Ladies, let's come together and get in formation.

    4. The All-American Rejects - "Move Along"

    This song will never get old and evidently will never become irrelevant especially in today's society. The All-American Rejects perfectly encompass the message we all feel at this point. Yet there's something comforting in Tyson Ritter's voice as he tells us that even though things are going wrong, we need to just accept matter as they are and "move along."

    5. The Beatles - "Let It Be"

    Who can forget this classic? Released in 1970 and still popular today, "Let It Be" is a song that will leave you appreciating the world around you even in all its chaos. The Beatles do a great job expressing their emotion throughout the song essentially letting us to know that finding peace within one another is crucial. It's a step that contribute to the hopes of working collectively to reach a dream or a goal that may seem impossible in the meantime.

    And if you've finished listening to these songs, why not devote some time to check out Stephen Colbert's hilarious final remarks on the election and what it means to be supportive and united as a whole. Because really, that's all we can do from here.

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