Sia Comes 'Alive' On SNL
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 09, 2015

    • Posted by: Erin Walsh

    Saturday Night Live had its highest ratings in years this weekend when it was hosted by republican candidate Donald Trump, whose infamous reputation undoubtedly attracts attention in the same way a car crash know how terrible it is to stare, but for some reason you just can't look away. Trump wasn't the only attraction this past Saturday night, because the Australian songwriter Sia returned to SNL for the second time this year to also live up to her reputation with a captivating performance.

    As usual she was wearing a large wig that covered most of her face, only for this performance she had blue cartoon eyes painted on her cheeks just where the bangs of her wig end. She was yet again joined by a manic dancer, though it wasn't Sia's usual mini-me, teen dancer Maddie Ziegler, but an older woman dressed in a karate uniform for the performance of "Alive" from her upcoming album This Is Acting. Sia was accompanied by a choir and a dancer for the song, and though she stands completely still in this performance, her distinct voice and violent dancer will keep you engrossed in this song.

    After "Alive," Sia performed "Bird Set Free" where she changed from her blue blazer to a black one, and her backing choir was replaced by a pianist. For this song, her doppelganger dancer began wrapped in a black sheet, but as the song escalates she seizes out of her cocoon, and dances as if her wings have been freed.

    Both the songs were originally written for Adele, and Sia has said the album is titled This Is Acting because they are all songs that she has written for other performers. With her powerful performance, it's hard to imagine these songs done by anyone else.

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