Lana Del Rey Delivers A Gorgeous Cover
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 09, 2015

    • Posted by: Erin Walsh

    It's always interesting to compare a musician's first album to their last album. An artist changes so much over time, how couldn't it be? But what do you think your present self would say to your past self if you got the chance? In the psychedelic short-film that premieres online this Wednesday, we get to see that conversation take place with cult musician Daniel Johnston. The film Hi, How Are You Daniel Johnston? shows present Johnston having an imaginary meeting with the 1983 version of himself amidst writing his most notable, unfinished album Hi, How Are You.

    The film is directed by Gabriel Sunday, and it's been funded from a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign for the film that raised up to a whopping $57,000. Of the $57,000, Pittsburgh MC Mac Miller and dark pop star Lana Del Rey both contributed $10,000, earning the two artists credits as executive producers for the short-film. Aside from shelling out big bucks for the project, Del Rey also sings a haunting rendition of the song "Some Things Last A Long Time," that you can catch snippets of in the trailer here.

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