Top Five Most Annoying Versions of Lana Del Rey's
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 09, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    We decided we're sick of hearing about Lana Del Rey today, so we began compiling all of the various cover versions of her BREAKOUT HIT SMASH SINGLE "Video Games" in an effort to quash the rampant news of her "new songs" "leaking." Little did we realize, Youtube is full of jaw-dropping garbage renditions of her music. She doesn't even have a major label release yet. How are there more "Video Game" covers than dudes doing U2 impressions? WE DEMAND ANSWERS.

    Without further ado, the top five most annoying versions of Lana Del Rey's "Video Games."

    5. That Mr. Fingers Remix (and by proxy, nearly every other remix).

    Any kid with Fruity Loops could port the original song in and put a beat over it that'd be more engaging than this Friendly Fires wannabe nonsense.

    4. Coffeeandharrypotter

    At least try to be different with the pronunciations.

    3. Alex Van Roose

    Shirtless? Check. Turn "Video Games" into an Oasis song? Check. Kill me? CHECK.

    2. ChannelDipti

    This one will give you nightmares. Viewer discretion advised.

    1. Lana Del Rey

    It's not a bad song, I mean we'd give it a 7/10 for Quality, but this is one of those examples where the Musical Ratio holds true (E = Q/H or Enjoyability equals Quality divided by Hype).

    E = 0.000000000001. Solve for H.

    Don't tell us what we missed in the comments. We can't take it anymore.

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