Album Review: The Beach Boys
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 09, 2011

    • Posted by: Julianne Wagner

    One's first real introduction to The Beach Boys is not like an introduction with any other band. You learn of the Beach Boys often as that fun, woozily romantic surf-pop band with upbeat, time to hit the water heralds. Example A: "Help Me, Rhonda" or to be obvious, "Surfin". Eventually, someone will put on Pet Sounds, and the realization that emotional complexity and instrumental arrangement can be embedded in a product so effortless shakes all the sand from your ears. And in a tremulously upward spiral, theres SMiLE - the album that almost never got made. SMiLE is one of the few recorded instances of mans psyche dilated, pushed and preened towards certainty, an experiment that changed the way popular music could sound. To put it basely, its some of the best music ever written and recorded, hidden under 44 years of unanswered myth - those psychedelic drugs, rumors of hatred festering between band mates, sheer exhaustive studio time. To quote Brian Wilson himself, "it sounds like jewelry", a willfully mosaic whole. Each shard is remastered to shocking perfection.

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