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    "We had no support, we had no job, we had no money..." That's how Two Door Cinema Club's Alex Trimble describes the risk he, alongside band mates Kevin Baird and Sam Halliday, took when deciding to forgo university studies in favor of taking a crack at music. Such apprehension is understandable of course. But when you're as young as this Northern Irish trio, and can lay claim to the sparkling pop skirmishes that fly about their joyous debut Tourist History, it's a chance that needs to be taken.

    Not surprisingly, the band's commitment to what they do is steadily paying off. Since releasing Tourist History, theyve rallied critical support the world over, encountering massive sing-alongs whenever setting up shop in front of fans. That would mean a sold out engagement in New York on the day of this particular session.

    Before those crowds would swarm before them, there would be our cameras in this one on one session during our recent run on Rockwood Music Hall last month. Here, Two Door Cinema club exhibit the same knack for chance that propelled them to the stage to begin with, experimenting ever so slightly by trimming the intense rhythms, dashing tempos, and inventive flourishes of "Undercover Martyn", "Cigarettes In The Theatre", and "Something Good Can Work" down into acoustic roots. The result is a set of songs that places emphasis on the melodies, harmonies, and story lines that drive at the heart of what this trio does. Call it another chance that, to no one's surprise, pays off in the form of this candid Guest Apartment style session with Two Door Cinema Club. - David Pitz

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    The Guest Apartment: Two Door Cinema Club

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