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    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 09, 2010

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    The Duke Spirit, hyped as "one of the most celebrated female-fronted rock acts of the past few years," actually has not one but two mp3's available for the very reasonable price of an email address. The first, "Everybody's Under Your Spell," is available through the band's website or through the widget below - just enter your email and you'll be sent a download link. "Everybody's Under Your Spell" is a catchy, hard-rocking number with lots of in-your-face guitars and a big, anthemic chorus that's guaranteed to stick in your head for a while.

    The darker, groovier, more subtle "Procession" is available as part of a promotion the band (apparently something of a darling to the fashion industry, especially frontwoman Liela Moss) is doing with Levi's jeans. It is available through the Levi's website, right below an ad for skinny jeans (they know their target audiences, clearly). Fair warning - your email goes to both Levi's and the band on this one, although you can always unsubscribe and its well worth a little junk email.

    Both tunes are taken from the Duke Spirit's forthcoming album. The full album is untitled as of yet, but will be available in early 2011. The band also has the Kusama EP on the way, which will include "Everybody's Under Your Spell." No specific release date has been announced for this one either, but keep your eyes out. -peter menniti

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