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    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 09, 2009

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    This weekend was a melange of both happy and sad as we obtained some free music, and prematurely said goodbye to a young, respected musician.

    • Free Pixies music! The 80's alt-rock act released a free EP of live recordings, available for the price of an e-mail. The songs all originally appeared on Doolittle, an album released by the band in 1989. Rumors of a forthcoming new record from the group remain TBD. Download the album below:

      Doolittle 20th Anniversary Live Sampler
      01. Dancing the Manta Ray
      02. Monkey Gone to Heaven
      03. Crackity Jones
      04. Gouge Away

    • Julian Casablancas expressed doubt about a new Strokes record anytime soon. Bad news for fans pumped up by Phrazes For The Young, as Casablancas said in an interview with Pitchfork ""We're supposed to get back together in January but don't hold me to that." Meanwhile a global tour is planned to support his "half Pink Floyd lazerlight" solo effort. [full interview via Pitchfork]

    • Today we mourn the loss of Jerry Fuchs. The drummer, who played for !!!, Maserati, The Juan McLean and Turning Machine, was 34. The world of music and art can be a bit dizzying; creating is almost always coupled with a proclivity for partying and drinking. As time goes on, and many of us give up our alcohol fueled youth for prime-time television and waking up at 7am, these young musicians continue to live recklessly and in-the-moment (as we wish we all could). And is it easy to blame that lifestyle. But sometimes, tragedy has nothing to do with any foreseeable party-enthuse or drug abuse... it is just an accident. Fuchs fell to his death during a party in a Brooklyn warehouse, when he attempted to leap onto a freight elevator with his friend. He had been "attending a formal-dress, invite-only benefit to raise money for women in India" according to the Post. Our hearts go out to family and friends.

    On that note, let's get going on this week. More Guest Apartments from our glorious CMJ run, not to mention a few new albums for you to check out. And did we attend a show in Philadelphia with cameras in tow (probably, now that we mentioned it)? Stick around to find out the details! -joe puglisi

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