alcohol hits morrissey, hard
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 09, 2009

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    It wasn't rocker Morrissey hitting the alcohol, it was the other way around... a (presumably drunk) fan took a pretty good shot at hitting Morrissey in the head with half a beer, and Morrissey retaliated by saying "Goodnight" and leaving the stage mid-show (presumably pissed). I hope that the offending fan is in stable condition in whatever UK hospital he was promptly sent to after a crowd of thousands beat him senseless.

    The troubled performer suffered a collapse a few weeks ago, so he probably wasn't feeling particularly playful when he was beaned with a beer at his Liverpool show at the Echo Arena. And because we live in a world of instant dissemination, we've got the video:

    Treat your performers as you would like to be treated, guys. Especially at $250 a ticket.-joe puglisi

    Morrissey on Myspace

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