Could One Smash Hit Lead to Another?
    • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 09, 2007

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    Amy Winehouse has had herself any number of smash hits this year. But here is one even the boozy babe singer, who seems to bow to controversy at almost every turn she makes, has yet to experience…until yesterday. Acting on a tip from those no good, pesky British newspapers, police knocked in the front door, sans battering ram, of the home Winehouse shares with hubby Blake Fielder-Civil. Good news for music fans though. Apparently the law had it hard for Fielder-Civil, though this, of course, comes as no comfort to Winehouse. She was reportedly doused in tears, screaming “I want to go with him!” The singer’s mother in law later confirmed Winehouse was too upset to talk further.

    Of course the police don’t knock in pop singer’s homes for no reason…so what was the cause of such a scene? Seems Fielder Civil was fixing to pay off the victim of a lawsuit brought against both him, and friend Michael Brown. Accused of assaulting barman James King, Fielder Civil reportedly offered money to King to either remove his statement or go abroad for awhile so the trial would collapse. A police spokesman suspects more arrests will be made as "claims of conspiracy to pervert justice" are generally not taken too lightly.

    There could be some selfishly good news to report, however. Perhaps with the love of her life in the can, Winehouse can finally chum up with fellow maniac Pete Doherty to record that highly anticipated duet the pair keep blabbing about…though it to, no doubt, will also somehow meet an unfortunate fate by way of the bobby battering ram. – David Pitz

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