NOW PLAYING: Dagny and Seeb distill their monster hits
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 08, 2018

    • Posted by: Nell Snow

    It seems unlikely, because dance duo Seeb is known for their club-friendly beats. But their songs always include an undercurrent of real emotion. Their international hit "I Took a Pill in Ibiza," for instance, was a remix of Mike Posner's acoustic song, with autobiographical lyrics that portrayed a real lost soul. And Seeb managed to make a beat that was danceable, with a melody that still portrayed heartache.

    That's why Seeb and Dagny work so well together- Seeb understands how to turn heartache into a party- and Dagny brings the heartache. Her voice is passionate and raw and drags you into her emotions. When she sings about lying on the living room floor in the new single "Drink About," it's like you're stretched out on the carpet next to her. "It was one of those songs that was really painful to write." Dagny confesses. And the rawness that she pours into her songwriting really pays off.

    Seeb and Dagny also performed a rendition of Dagny's single "Used to You," which touches on the pain of fading love. And while their emotional acoustic performances aren't necessarily a party, they are something you'll want to watch over and over and over.

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