Get To Know Transviolet Ahead of Their Bands + Brews Session
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 08, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Earlier in July, we hosted a super fun (but slightly stormy) Bands + Brews concert with folk-pop duo Overcoats and electronic pop act Transviolet. The latter put on a wildly energetic show, perfectly timed right before the rain set in. And before the show, we had the opportunity to sit down with the super friendly front woman, Sarah McTaggart.

    "I kind of catfished the band," McTaggart told us of the band's beginning, giggling before her set. "I wanted to be living in San Diego but didn't have the means to get there. I was manifesting my destiny and made a profile on a band networking site, which was super sketchy." When she was about to close the account (after receiving an excessive amount of inappropriate photos, as one could imagine), Mike Panek reached out with some interesting tracks, which McTaggart would then lay vocals over. Of course the constant emailing back and forth would later bring McTaggart to move, and then other members Judah McCarthy and Jon Garcia joined. Voila! Transviolet was born.

    "Making music with somebody is so intimate. You know somebody when you start making music with them," the singer shared. The chemistry between the members is clear, and the result is an energy-packed show that has even been praised by pop A-listers Katy Perry, Harry Styles, and Lorde, amongst others.

    During the show, the band played a bunch of new songs from their new EP Kaleidoscopes, which was released earlier this year in June. The EP also included "The Hamptons," a contagious, catchy pop song that sounds like it could be about murder or something... It's pretty insane.

    The full Bands + Brews x Transviolet experience drops tomorrow, so be on the lookout.

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