FROM THE ROAD: Exclusive Allah-Las Tour Diary
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 08, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    [Photo Credit: Laura-Lynn Petrick]

    Los Angeles-based band Allah-Las dropped their third LP, Calico Review, earlier this year. On the record, they wrap the listener in warm guitar tones and mesmerizing melodies. They recently embarked on a North American tour in support and luckily, they documented the entire thing for us. They continue to deliver their identifiable warmth we hear in their music through these gorgeous photos, as they're bathed in film grain and west coast heat. They've accompanied each photo with some pretty funny stories -- like how they essentially re-wrote the same set list every night before every show, and that one time they got stoned in Toronto...And in addition to all of this, we also had the opportunity to ask them a few questions about the release and how it's going thus far. Check it out below.

    Can you tell us a little bit about your latest album, Calico Review?

    Music is always influenced by your surroundings and Calico Review is no exception. However the songwriting wasn't intentionally designed to reflect Los Angeles in any particular way. Sometimes we have ideas for song concepts but often times when we're writing songs collaboratively, the music is written more spontaneously and the lyrical direction comes later. It is a palette of 4 different musicians and songwriters.

    Were there any challenges you experienced while making this album?

    The studio! We would experience all sorts of strange noises and commotion. Possibly it was haunted, who knows. But we would often have to double, triple check. Double flip. Double trick.

    You guys recently finished up touring in North America and are currently on tour in Europe right now, is there a particular place that you're looking forward to performing at?


    Were there any places along the tour so far that you felt got an amazing crowd response? Do people tend to react to a specific song?

    Montreal is always wild. Live songs have a very different intimacy and energy than a studio recording. Each has their benefit, but live shows are the only way we make money - so they are definitely the best way to hear us and you should buy tickets and come.

    How does it feel to finally perform new songs to a live audience?

    Feels good. Excited to play the new new ones


    1. Life on the road means learning to catch up on sleep just about anywhere. Matt waking up from a nap under a table in Montreal.


    2. Unload, setup, sound check, play, pack up, load and repeat. Matt getting some time between to rehearse new songs.


    3. Montreal was a one of the more memorable shows of this tour. Always have such a good time there. Here's some double exposed crowd surfers.


    4. This is Tim at a road stop somewhere in Canada. He's probably thinking about baseball right at this moment.


    5. This is a photo of the rhythm section. Rhythm section always has to stay together.


    6. This is a photo of Jeff. He plays percussion with us when he's not busy doing stunt man work for Hollywood action. He can put someone in a sleeper hold and make them unconscious in 15 seconds.


    7. Sound check can be boring sometimes. If people weren't making so much noise during it, you could probably fall asleep.


    8. Every night of a tour, we write new copies of essentially the same set list, with some minor changes made here and there to suit the mood of the evening. It's not the most efficient thing ever done, but it kind of helps to get our heads in gear and ready for the show.



    9. Gets real tight sometimes sleeping on cheap hotel beds and sitting in vans all day and night. Jeff makes himself worth his weight in gold with back rubs and acupressure services.


    10. Miles backstage feeling the residual effects of a sickness he carried from Ohio to Toronto. Much ginger, tea, honey, and wellness formula was required to keep things under control. Getting sick is one of the worst and most common things that can happen on the road.


    11. Leaving a record store in Montreal. Checking out record stores while we're on tour is one of our favorite past times. The search is endless.


    12. Trying to sleep in the van, getting uglier every day.


    13. Stoned and dethroned; rolling a pre-show doobie snack in Toronto.


    [Tour photos courtesy of the Allah-Las, by Laura-Lynn Petrick]

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