Today's Top 10 Female-Fronted Acts
    • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 08, 2013

    • Posted by: Cassedy Banks

    In a male-dominated industry, HARD Event co-founder Gary Richards spoke to WildSpice Magazine of his plans to organize an all-female music festival next year that will most likely take place in L.A. He admitted that in the last five years of national HARD festivals only eight percent of the performers were female-fronted acts. And, although nothing is official yet, Richards said "I'm definitely gonna do it." As the HARD events are typically electronic focused, here's our list of the 10 female frontrunners we believe think should be invited.

    10. Sky Ferreira

    Sky Ferreira's much anticipated debut LP Night Time, My Time released last month, claiming the record is her "one chance for the world to understand me." The 21-year-old L.A.-native proved she has more to offer than just a pretty voice, her lyrics (and album cover) show a naked honesty of herself. Although Ferreria admits many flaws, she's fearless in doing so and states "I'm going to embrace my sexuality because I have every right to."

    9. The Luyas

    Canadian indie pop group The Luyas are led by singer Jessie Stein, who plays keyboards, an experimental instrument called a moodswinger, and also worked as a research assistant for the Montreal Neurological Institute. Stein's angelic voice sings on top of nonconventional instruments, including a French horn and an electric zither. Their latest album Animator came out in October 2012 and they'll be touring the West Coast in January, so hopefully a new album is in the works!

    8. Class Actress

    This Brooklyn trio includes singer/songwriter Elizabeth Harper and producers Mark Richardson and Scott Rosenthal. Synths, drum pads and retro New Wave make up Class Actress' sound, and according to their website, they've been in the studio in the last few months so maybe we'll see a follow-up to their 2011 Rapprocher sometime soon.

    7. M.I.A.

    If M.I.A.'s "Bad Girls" doesn't play at this all-female festival, Gary Richardson messed up. Maya Arulpragasam is a notorious badass, having public disputes with her record label Universal, and has been referred to as "the female Kanye."

    6. Kimbra

    23-year-old Kimbra Johnson comes from down under, originally from New Zealand and now residing in Australia. Her work with Australian artist Gotye awarded the duo two Grammys for Record of the Year and Best Pop Duo for Somebody That I Used To Know. Her debut album Vows came out in 2012 and features RnB sounds mixed with electronic dance music.

    5. Little Dragon

    Swedish electro-pop outfit Little Dragon produces unique, sometimes trippy songs full of bass heavy beats and singer Yukimi Nagano's pure vocals. They have three studio albums under their belt and would be a great addition to the HARD festival.

    4. Santigold

    Santi White, aka Santigold, gets her influence from 80s pop and adds a twist of reggae, sass and some RnB rhythm. Here's a throwback:

    3. Grimes

    Claire Boucher is the woman behind experimental-pop "Grimes." Born in Vancouver, Boucher creates lo-fi "witch house" sounds she calls "ADD Music." She plays the keyboards as well as synthesizer and is typically accompanied by drums and occasionally guitar. Listen to a track off her album Visions below:


    If you haven't listened to Gaslow's synthy CHVRCHES then you probably haven't been following today's music trends. Lauren Mayberry is the lead singer for this trio, and their debut album The Bones Of What You Believe was a knockout. Take a listen to a track from the album below:

    Watch the full video at

    1. Haim

    California's sunny sister trio released their first studio album Days Are Gone this past September and have since been receiving favorable critical acclaim, reaching number 1 on BBC's Sound of 2013 list. The girls state they're fans of 90s groups TLC and Destiny's Child, as well as Azealia Banks and Kendrick Lamar. Let's hope they headline the female-powered festival next year.

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