Sky Ferreira Night Time, My Time
    • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 08, 2013

    • Posted by: Stephanie Orentas

    Sky Ferreira is not an artist. Let's get this out in the open before even discussing her latest album, Night Time, My Time. Backed up by producer Ariel Rechtshaid (Vampire Weekend, Haim), it is easy to assume what Capitol was trying to achieve. Sky has become the Miley Cyrus of the indie world with complete disregard that she is on a major label. After being scouted off of MySpace, Capitol has been working on Sky's image since she was 14 years old. Although she was striving to make this album relatable, not many people can relate to her bizarre teenage years; not every teenager has a grandmother who was friends with Michael Jackson. I am hesitant to click play on Night Time, My Time, the image the media has installed in my mind of Sky is negative and unappealing, and as I turn down the volume and put on my headphones I listen.

    As "Boys" begins to play I understand what she meant by relatable. The lyrics seem to be written by the 14-year-old MySpace Sky, from the actual vocals I can comprehend. Simplistic and boring, the first track already confirms what I was expecting. Night Time, My Time is a gold mine, no wonder Capitol worked on it with her for so long. A white, thin and blonde woman singing about boys, not to be confused with Hannah Montana because Sky is so edgy!.

    The pop-bliss continues with "Ain't Your Right" and especially "24 Hours" where Sky begs, "I wish these 24 hours would never end!" repeatedly. At this point, I'm struggling to figure out what she is saying; her mumbling and meshing of words is extreme during this album. I rather not recall her live performances where she is clearly unintelligible. Her ego shines on "I Blame Myself", her conversational lyrics double as "The Other Side Of Me" by Hannah Montana, a not so surprising comparison at this point. The album, as much as Sky says it is filled with sentimentality and emotion, is mostly devoid of it.

    "Omanko", the Suicide tribute is lacking any truthful influence; the mention feels more like a name drop than inspiration. Would Suicide listen to Night Time, My Time? Probably not. At this point I'm yawning, I feel disconnected from the album and overall bored. The tracks have felt repetitive and empty; the longevity of work on the album must have had a negative effect. Maybe Capitol's constant rejection of Sky's direction discouraged her in the long run. Alas, the relatability this record holds spans across MySpace surveys and Tumblr graphics. The title track is different than all the other tracks, and does a good job of closing the record. It slowly puts me to sleep on top of my keyboard after I've been bored for approximately one hour.

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