New Music Video: Ra Ra Riot
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 08, 2011

    • Posted by: Ed McGarrigle

    We've all gone through break-ups. Whether your face is covered in hair, you're a peacock, or just a normal dude, you've gone through a break-up and it totally sucked. Now, how do you dispose of all your ex's stuff still littering your apartment? Steamroller? Fire? Well, the folks of Ra Ra Riot propose a good ole-fashioned burial in the woods for all of those hurtful memories in the video for their song "Shadowcasting." The video shows the hair-covered man burying all the things that his ex-peacock girlfriend left behind from creepy clown dolls to an acoustic guitar. But as he is traveling down memory lane while looking at these inanimate objects, he falls into his own hole where they suddenly come alive. Who is going to save him?

    "Shadowcasting" is off of the band's 2010 release The Orchard and features poppy string arrangements and jangling guitar hooks while singer Wes Miles delivers lines about heart break. "I hope that I don't see you anymore," he sings, but this video implies otherwise. Check it out below.

    It never hurts to check out our full concert offerings. We've got a nifty one from Ra Ra Riot around the time of their record release.

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