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    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 08, 2010

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    German blogger dynmk was kind enough to spend time filming a recent Lykke Li show in Berlin in hopes of capturing some new tracks. Luckily, it was as success and three new songs were caught. The video quality isn't fantastic (you know the drill), however, the song is totally listenable. All of the track names listed below are general guesses by dynmk based on the chorus lines and could prove to be different once the track listings are released.

    Included with the three new tracks is a bonus Fugees cover of "Ready or Not". Check all four out below:

    "I Follow You"

    "Rich Kid Blues":

    "You're Wrong":

    "Ready or Not" (Fugees cover):

    via dynmk

    Also check out Baeble's footage from Lykke's show at Bowery Ballroom back in 2008.-brendan mehan

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