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    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 08, 2010

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Exclamatory dance troupe !!! (Chk Chk Chk) are bringing an even jumpier thump to the dance tunes off their recent album Strange Weather, Isn't It? with an EP of remixes from artists like Bibio, Liv Spencer, and Canyons. The Jamie My Intentions Are Bass EP begins with an alternate take of the titular track, my personal favorite off the original record. And like the rest of the EP, the song retains its charm while taking a decidedly different aesthetic, all while preserving the head-bopping fun that is firmly rooted at the heart of the band.

    Beyond the reworked "Jamie", most of the record doesn't offer anything truly new, just different and trance-y. The tracks are boiled to a viscous dance floor jam, which gels nicely with intoxication, exercise, and/or hyping people up. The tunes move swiftly, despite droning on grooves, and show a nice bit of restraint; most of the tracks are reasonably sized (the longest clocking in at 7:37 could have easily been twice as long). But the real delight is hearing the familiar elements, chorus's and popular motifs of the originals (already fairly dance-heavy), chopped and reimagined. It's a different experience, but those feet are still shuffling just fine.

    If anything, the collection is worth it for the murkier "Jamie", the only b-side version of an official track in recent memory that actually expands and develops on its predecessor. Although I'm intensely fond of the original, the EP version provides an auxiliary point of view worth seeing. Based on the improvisational nature of the record, any of the songs could have easily turned out radically differently, and it's kind of cool to take a peak into an alternative !!! reality.

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