We Can't Wait To Watch Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart Cook Stuff Together
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 07, 2016

    • Posted by: Gabe Paoletti

    America's cool uncle Snoop Dogg and convicted felon Martha Stewart have been promo-ing the shit out of their new cooking show out later this year. This newest venture seems to be an extension of the transformation Snoop has had in the last five years in pop culture. The rapper, once hated by mainstream America for his gangster lyrics, arrests, and one barely beaten murder charge, has somehow found his way into the hearts of middle aged moms around the country, with his childlike attitude and goofy demeanor. Now, in his pop culture position as the patron saint of marijuana and good vibes, he has decided to team up with Martha on a new cooking competition show. The two have worked together in the past, most recently appearing on Ellen. There, Snoop displayed a cocktail concoction he cooked up (apparently his palate has grown past just Gin and Juice) and Martha showed how to make a delicious gnocchi.

    Despite Snoop essentially being your uncle who lets you kill his beer and Martha embodying your Aunt who doesn't allow any trans fats in her house, the two of them vibe surprisingly well. In their dynamic, Martha provides cooking prowess and befuddlement, and Snoop comes through with dad jokes about weed. Together, they are likely to produce a show unlike anything seen before. This type of team up represents the continued domination of pop culture by hip hop, with this being the second cooking show (and soon to be third) cooking show hosted by a rapper on TV. However the show ends up, Snoops infectious good vibes will elevate it to something worth watching.

    Also check out the two making "brownies." Snoop definitely snuck a secret ingredient in there...

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