Top 9 Songs from Disney Channel Original Movies You Didn't Know You Missed
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 07, 2016

    • Posted by: Kyra Taveras

    Let's face it: Disney Channel is dead, but that doesn't go for our beloved Disney Channel Original Movies and definitely does not stop us from ever letting go of the past. Remember Cow Belles? Or Pixel Perfect?! Those classic movies have soundtracks that we will listen to forever on repeat. We know all of the big ones like High School Musical and Camp Rock, but what about the ones we all forgot about? Sadly, Proto Zoa (Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century) doesn't sing any of them but we can all proudly say we wouldn't be who we were without all of these DCOM. Here are some tracks that may have slipped under the radar.

    1. Bringin 'Da Noise" by NSync (The Other Me)

    You know something was about to go down as soon as that little blond boy pulled out this big ass speaker that he definitely carries around with him everywhere. And we all wish the lunchroom was actually that exciting...

    2. "Nothing Wrong With Me" by The Zetta Bytes (Pixel Perfect)

    Not going to lie, Loretta was right -- her dance movies are a bit strange. But you can totally dance right along side her to this song.

    3. "Notice Me" by The Zetta Bytes (Pixel Perfect)

    Yes, another from Pixel Perfect, because the soundtrack was just too good. Sam should have just did the whole song but Loretta had to come in and dance her way through it. We're all completely relating to Sam and not understanding how Ricky didn't see (spoiler alert) THAT SHE LOVES HIM.

    4. "Get a Clue" by Simon and Milo (Prozzak) (Get A Clue)

    We all miss the old Lindsey Lohan and no one does BFF goals like Disney. Totally one of the best DOCM and rocking title song!

    5. "On the Ride" by Aly & AJ (Cow Belles)

    Ah, our favorite Disney sisters, and although this isn't a potential breakup song, this is still a really good pick me up that will make any day just a little bit better. This song also isn't that corny...

    6. "My Date With the President's Daughter" by Presidents of the United States of America (My Date With the President's Daughter)

    This song is now stuck in your head. You're welcome. I mean, is it really that bad to have Duncan's adorkable face and flowing hair in your thoughts?

    7. "Something About the Sunshine" by Anna Margaret (StarStruck)

    Anna knows how to get you up and dancing. This movie definitely made us all want to go to Cali and hope to bump into a rockstar.

    8. "Hero" by Sterling Knight (StarStruck)

    Remember when Sterling Knight was a total heartthrob for a minute? Whatever happened to him? This song might have slipped under the radar, but we're pulling it back into the spotlight.

    9. "Butterfly Fly Away" by Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montanna)

    Now this wouldn't be a top 9 without a few tears... this scene will make you cry. This daddy-daughter relationship is one that will last in our hearts forever.

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