Bono Has Senior Moment And Forgets Apologizing For iTunes Fiasco
    • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 07, 2014

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    There's no denying people were fucking pissed when U2 added their new album Songs Of Innocence to every music library on iTunes without asking. After the world wide web exploded in serious backlash against the band, Bono eventually came forward to apologize for the misstep, smoothing ruffled feathers.

    Well now it seems the U2 frontman has had a serious senior moment. At Dublin's Web Summit tech conference, Bono said the release of their album via iTunes is "one of the proudest things for us ever." Uhh ok.

    He continued by saying, "100 million people check[ing] us out and listen[ing] to two or three tracks. And 30 million people actually listened to the whole album. So we did in three weeks with Songs Of Innocence what took us 30 years with The Joshua Tree."

    Ummm yeah, because when Joshua Tree came out there was no iTunes, internet or smart phones...LOLZ.

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