Sequin Muumuus and Taxidermy:Crystal Fighters Get Weird In Williamsburg
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 07, 2013

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    There are plenty of musicians mining the past for bits of creative inspiration; look no further than those throngs of neo-folk luddites I love so much, who charm their fans with their tried and true acoustic traditions and their amusement park worthy, olde-time photo aesthetic. But for adventurous UK act Crystal Fighters, the aim to find meaning in their music goes much further. As guitarist Gilbert Vierich told us, it's about "that old folk tradition of people sitting around and singing around a fire in a cave." The band's manifestation of that idea is Cave Rave; their brilliant new sophomore album that mines an uncommon sound from the remarkable interactions the band has had in far flung, indigenous cultures over the years. Basque Country, South America, Africa...the band is always absorbing, no matter where they go. Funny then we brought them to Williamsburg Brooklyn...what some might consider the original origin of today's hipster, indie musician. While we're not sure there was much for the band to be inspired by here, we did manage to take this colorful group to a completely unique environment, strip things down just a bit, and put together what we're proud to say is one of the flashier sessions we've ever embarked on. Vierich would later tell us that one of the band's main objectives was to provide a "light for people to lose themselves in"." We're happy to say this session with Crystal Fighters provides nothing short of that opportunity.

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