...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead Lost Songs
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 07, 2012

    • Posted by: Madison Murphy

    Bands widely known for destroying their instruments don't thread every song with that raging, destructive passion. However, Lost Songs, the eighth studio album by ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, embodies that energy and gives listeners a sharp sound.

    Lost Songs' first single, "Up to Infinity," was released on September 15th via Spotify, and the standard edition of the album was streamed on Spin.com on October 15th. Although they may have utilized our media-based, mainstream culture to get their music out, Trail of Dead's album eludes the message of escaping societal norms.

    Trail of Dead has mastered the sound of being loud without being too loud. This album mirrors Pussy Riot's rage, from their fade in synthesizers to their hardcore riffs, as it is dedicated to the Russian band's political oppression.

    Each track is heavy, and they haven't strayed away from their loud, Strummer stamina. The album opens up with "Open Doors," which starts soft, then steadily brings the anger. If you took away the funk of RHCP's "Throw Away Your Television" and replaced it with grunge, you would reach a similar sound.

    The album lifts off with "Up to Infinity," where back-and-forth screaming about the Syrian Civil War will surely instill your mind with realizations not commonly represented by current groups. "Opera Obscura" emphasizes the incredible percussion beats of drummer Doni Schroader.

    The track "Lost Songs" contains multiple rises and falls. The message, explained on Trail of Dead's website, goes along with the idea that "we are flooded with musical quantity at the cost of quality," which indefinitely serves as a reminder that the songs off the Trail of Dead's eighth studio album should be anything but lost.

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