NOW PLAYING: A conversation with Frank Turner
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 06, 2018

    • Posted by: Nell Snow

    Frank Turner has had a long musical history. I mean, it only makes sense- he picked up a guitar at age 10. Even so, he traveled all over the map as he followed his love of music into a hardcore band and then back out to a solo folk career. He's kept his edge though, even putting out a song that's been known to inspire people to walk out of his show (It's an attempt to subvert the term 'Make America Great Again'). Although, to be honest, to me it seems odd that a song calling to "Make racists ashamed again," which can be found on an album titled Be More Kind, could be in any way controversial. But I guess that's the society we live in.

    Well, if being kind is something that interests you, head over to Boston to see Turner's Lost Evenings festival, a four-day event curated by and headlining Turner at the House of Blues. Each night is entirely distinct and it also includes panels and workshops throughout the day. Turner is jumping across the pond for this one, and although he's called Boston his second home, theres no guarantee he won't return to his British first home in future iterations of this festival. So if you're in the area and like thoughtful acoustic music, be sure to mark your calendars on May 16th- 19th.

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