7 Good, Bad, And Ugly Reasons Musicians Cancelled Shows
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 06, 2017

    • Posted by: Chris Deverell

    A bit of news that is probably shocking to nobody: Morrissey cancelled his show last night at the Vina Robles Amphitheatre in Paso Robles, California. The Moz is no stranger to canceling performances, especially at the last minute. Since 2012, Morrissey has cancelled or postponed 123 concerts(!) for a variety of reasons, ranging from the mundane "he felt a cold coming on" to the understandable "his mother was in the hospital".

    But last night's cancellation certainly takes the cake, even by Morrissey's standards. After leaving the anxious crowd waiting for nearly an hour, Morrissey decided to call it quits because...drum roll please...it was too cold. Even sunny California gets chilly sometimes I suppose.

    "Due to an inoperable heating system on stage, tonight's engagement is postponed," a PA announcement told the crowd. "A new date will be scheduled for the 2018 season."

    Paso Robles recorded lows in the mid 40s last night, which must be Morrissey's kryptonite. I also suppose he is allergic to sweaters and cups of warm tea.

    Yet despite his penchant for making people drive several hours only to go home angry and empty handed, Morrissey isn't the only artist to cancel a show for less-than-excusable reasons. Here's the good, the bad and the ugly list of why artists have cancelled performances.

    1. Kings of Leon

    In 2010, the group cancelled their set at the Verizon Amphitheater in St. Louis, Missouri after only three songs. The reason? Pigeons had made a nest up in the rafters above the stage and did what pigeons do best. Bassist Jared Followill was hit with droppings several times during the first two songs, but the last straw was when a dropping hit his cheek and came dangerously close to his mouth. Partially into the third song, the band called it quits. Followill's brother and drummer Nathan called out the venue for the unsanitary conditions and asked for fans to blame the venue and not the band. An understandable situation, even though the openers The Postelles and The Stills finished their sets despite the barrage. Sometimes you just gotta suck it up when you're still trying to make it.

    2. The Clash

    In 1982, punk progenitors The Clash were suffering internal band issues, along with concert dates that weren't selling as well as they hoped for. In an effort to drum up a little bit of publicity with the press, band manager Bernie Rhodes came up with a scheme to have frontman Joe Strummer "disappear" for a little bit, while hiding out with a friend in Texas. The only problem is that Strummer actually decided to disappear, running off to Paris with his girlfriend without telling anyone, not even his bandmates and manager. Strummer laid low for nearly a month, which forced the cancellation of the band's entire U.K. tour. So what was he doing all that time? Apparently growing a beard, getting drunk on a regular basis, and running the Paris marathon. Sounds like a good vacation.

    3. Neil Young

    In 1997, Neil Young had to pull out of a 16-country European tour after getting a particularly nasty cut on his finger. Normally, this is the point where some stranger at the bar asks you what happened and you come up with an awesome story about protecting a box of kittens from a blade-wielding maniac, but ol' Neil came straight out with the truth. He sliced his finger open while cutting a ham sandwich, badly enough to the point where doctors told him it wouldn't heal if he played guitar. As Young said in hindsight, "I'd have eaten the thing in one piece if I'd known that cutting it in half would jeopardize the tour".

    4. Brian Harvey

    I laughed really, really hard the first time I heard this story, and then felt really, really bad when I heard the end of it. Former teen heartthrob and pop-star Brian Harvey of East 17 was gearing up for a revival in 2005 by scheduling a U.K. tour. On what was to be just another normal day before the tour, Harvey was driving home after gorging himself on baked potatoes when he felt ill. While attempting to open his door and vomit, Harvey accidentally hit the accelerator, throwing him underneath the car, which ran over him and left him paralyzed and in a coma for several weeks. Thankfully Harvey made a full recovery, but due to the cancelled tour dates, his music career did not.

    5. Morrissey

    Okay, I lied. Of course Morrissey has cancelled a show for more ridiculous reasons than it being too cold, and I mean it when I say that his 2009 Coachella performance really takes the cake. Midway through his set, Morrissey, a well-known vegan, caught a whiff of a barbeque going on backstage. Instead of continuing his performance, Morrissey stopped to say, "I can smell burning flesh...and I hope to God it's human". Halfway through "Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others, Morrissey called it quits and walked off, claiming the smell of the meat was making him sick.

    6. Kanye West

    If there's one person who can challenge Morrissey to an absurdity contest, it's Kanye West. On the second date of his Yeezus tour, the rapper cancelled his Seattle show only five hours before he was due to go on. A day later it was revealed that he instead decided to propose to Kim Kardashian. Kinda cute, but also pretty disrespectful to fans.

    7. R. Kelly

    In 2004, while touring his collab with Jay-Z, R. Kelly was pepper-sprayed by a member of Jay-Z's entourage, who accused him of behaving "erratically". No clue as to what was going on that night specifically, but earlier in the tour during the group's St. Louis stop, Kelly reportedly assaulted a lighting director mid-show before storming off to a local McDonald's, where he began serving food to customers in the drive-through. After the pepper spray incident, Kelly decided that his half of the tour was over.

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