5 Important Things To Bring To Every Concert
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 06, 2017

    • Posted by: Rachael Morrow

    Music gigs can be intense sometimes, with all the crowds, loud noises, and sticky floors. We all have our little checklist of vital items we bring to every show to ensure we have the best time possible. This list here is to help you have an even better time, better than you could have ever imagined. Once you've implemented these items into your gig checklist, you won't turn back. Yes, this will actually change your life (no joke).

    1. Selfie Stick

    This little piece of equipment will definitely come in handy for when your view has been obstructed by those giants that seem to always pick you to stand in front of. Instead of constantly standing on your tiptoes and moving your head into awkward positions just to get a quick glance, you can now be comfortable in your viewing experience! The Selfie Stick allows you to record the show from a height far greater than these giants could imagine, where you can maintain your personal space whilst having the best view in the house. Or, you can just focus on the only view that really matters: you. Yeah, girl. Take some selfies.

    2. Perfume

    Now this one may seem a bit strange, but trust me, it will be your best friend. Find the weirdest scented perfume and drench yourself in it. I mean coat upon coat of this fragrance. When you get on the dance floor and the crowd starts getting too close to home, interrupting your dance space, they'll get a whiff of you and back right off. This will inevitably result in a clear area surrounding you, where you can break out those full body moves you've been working on so hard for the past week.

    3. Water Bottle

    This appears to be the most practical, which of course it is, but its best use is its ability to fend off creepy dance floor gropers. When you're having a blast with your pals and out of the blue comes an unwanted touch, you can pull out the water bottle and BAM, squirt that ice cold water (you can get creative with what goes in the water bottle) in their face! This will give them a fright and scare them off, scurrying back into their corner.

    4. Sunglasses

    These eye shields will be your saving grace item. You can pop them on the instant you feel those overwhelming emotions at seeing your favorite band for the hundredth time already. You won't have to pretend you've just got something in your eye, or quickly wipe your face; you can let those beautiful tears of utter joy flow freely without the embarrassment. Plus if those lights get to be a bit too much, these shades can protect you from the glare.

    5. Mini Portable Fan

    It gets pretty damn hot in those venues, especially when you've been dancing and rockin all night long. A necessity in these situations is the brilliant invention of the Portable Mini Fan. You can pull this thing out, fan yourself, fan your friends, and even some nice stranger who you've been singing along with for the entire show. An added bonus to this utensil is the way it makes your voice sound when you hold it up to your mouth, you can show off your vocal skills with the help of this reverberating fan!

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