Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton Sizzle at the CMAs
    • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 06, 2015

    • Posted by: Vince Brigante

    Between all the talk of dark liquor, Chris Stapletons beard, and Justin Timberlakes Memphis mojo, Im not sure if Im just drunk or in love, or just down right amazed. Probably a combination of the three. Last nights CMA Awards was certainly a night to remember. The collaboration of Chris Stapleton--who not only had a handful with this performance but literally has his hands full with awards-- and Justin Timberlake was enough to blow the roof off the place, I mean barn. (Too country-stereotypical of me? Not trying to offend!)

    The duo played two songs. In each instance, the differences in vocal stylings was what made the song(s) so interesting. They played Tennessee Whiskey, and Drink You Away. Thank you Southern rock, were now all drunk and in cowboy boots.

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