5 Pop Artists We Want To See Work With Grimes
    • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 06, 2015

    • Posted by: Erin Walsh

    Everyone couldn't wait to hear Grimes's new music when she announced back in June that she was going to play three new songs at her Governor's Ball performance. What made it even juicier was the fact that one of these new songs were actually written for pop princess Rihanna, but Rihanna and her people turned down the track, "Go." The song may not have been the perfect fit for Ri-Ri, but it didn't go to waste. Grimes released the song herself featuring producer Blood Diamonds, and it's so enjoyable I'm wondering if Rihanna regrets rejecting the single. Imagining what "Go" would've been if Rihanna did decide to take the song is interesting, but what other pop stars could take the Grimes sound and make it their own? Us at Baeble have five artists in mind who could use a writer like Grimes to help them reach their own potential.

    Katy Perry

    Remember "E.T." by Katy Perry? That song is creepy, poppy, but slightly different than majority of Perry's California pop songs. It's different in a similar way that "Go," is different, and when Rihanna turned it down, Perry would have been a pretty decent runner up.

    Ellie Goulding

    In Grimes's release of "Flesh Without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream," fans were skeptical about her next album Art Angels that's set to release November 6 because of the song's bubblegum pop sound that's so different from her last album. We learned in her next single that she released, "Scream," that Grimes hasn't completely strayed from her "A.D.D." sound she does so well. A song like this might seem out of character for Grimes, but if she were to hand this off to any other artist where it would seem more fitting, it would have to be Ellie Goulding. The high pitched vocal parts paired with the romantic lyrics are radio friendly like most of Goulding's music, and her airy voice compares to Grimes.


    When Lorde and Disclosure premiered the video for their collaboration "Magnets" this past September, not only was the collaboration absolutely genius, but the video showed a side of Lorde that may have been unexpected. Lorde acts a mistress for most the video until it's revealed that the cheating husband's wife hired Lorde to seduce and kill her husband. When she emerges dancing down a glass hallway head-to-toe in black leather, we know she is not just a young girl having an affair, she's a murderer. She twists and explodes her arms in an abrupt, painful way similar to Grimes's dancing in most her videos, and the two artists have more in common than just their dancing. They both have a dark pop essence to them, and to hear Lorde take on any of Grimes's songs would be crazy to hear. She could probably kill "REALiTi" by Grimes, and one can only imagine how Lorde would interpret a song like that.


    Grimes has tried to write music for Rihanna, but Sia actually has. Sia wrote "Diamonds," a song recorded by Rihanna featured on her 2012 album Unapologetic. So maybe Rihanna heard something from Sia that Grimes didn't quite get, but what would Sia make of a Grimes song if she could? "Crystal Ball" by Grimes would be a perfect fit for Sia, who can probably perform just about anything and still sound incredible.


    Okay, it sounds crazy, but just imagine Beyonce doing "Be a Body" by Grimes. How insane would that be? Queen B has such crazy energy and a huge range that she could kill this song. It's easy to picture one of her dance routines at any part of this song, especially at the bridge where the entire vibe of the song takes a turn. Could this be what Grimes and Jay-Z are laughing about in this photo? One can only hope...

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