Watch: Lorde's 'Yellow Flicker Beat'
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 06, 2014

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    Hunger Games fans are biting at the bit for the Lorde curated Mocking Jay Part 1 soundtrack to drop on Nov. 17th, and while we were all treated to her single, "Yellow Flicker Beats" there has been no video support...until now.

    At first watch it's hard to know what to be more impressed by. Lorde appears in the video dressed in several different looks, in several different locations with stunning cinematography that meets the expected standard of her being spooky and mysterious complete with her jerky and weirdly magical dance moves.

    You won't get a lick of footage from Mocking Jay Part 1, but that's just more reason to go see it in theaters, right?

    Check out the video below.

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