Taylor Swift Raps Kendrick Lamar, Lamar Freestyles over 'Shake It Off'
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 06, 2014

    • Posted by: Rebecca Chodorkoff

    You give love, you get love babies! This week, sales of Taylor Swift's new album 1989 doubled that of projections made by industry experts, with approximately 1.3million albums sold in the first week alone. Understandably basking in a bit of self-love, Swift posted a video to her instagram, rapping along to the fitting lyrics of Kendrick Lamar's song,"Backseat Freestyle"; "Goddamn I feel amazing,/damn I'm in the matrix/My mind is living on cloud nine and this 9 is never on vacation!"

    Lamar returned the favor, gushing over radio waves that he's a big fan of T-Swift's hit single "Shake it Off", and gracefully accepting the challenge of hosts of K104 to freestyle over her beat. Kendrick even pushes his co-conspirators to shout out words as he improvises, which he proceeds to seamlessly integrate into his flow.

    Damn Kendrick. Truly a boss.

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