Grimes Hits Peak Form On New Single
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 05, 2015

    • Posted by: Vince Brigante

    Come one, and come all to Grimes' show of horror! Contortionists and trapeze artists welcome! Matter of fact, they're desired. Grimes new intro song "Laughing And Not Being Normal" for her new album Art Angels sounds like a prelude to a wonderful trip-pop circus. Perhaps, that's what Art Angels is

    Grimes is atop her game, and she's back. She's a Canadian Bjork. And we love that. From her dramatic costumes, to her high pitch poise, she's blending the weirdness of the Nordic queen, and making dance music for the masses. So, tickets please, and enjoy the twisted show! *Grimacing bearded lady then takes your ticket and laughs loudly*

    Check out the track here on Grimes' website.

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