A Pop Rock Tree House: A Conversation With MisterWives
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 05, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    "It's been a blast, man." It's not uncommon to hear a young artist say that about their career, but few can make you believe it as deeply as William Hehir of New York indie pop outfit MisterWives. "We had the opportunity to do a headlining tour and a bunch of one offs that included a bunch of college shows. Then we went over to Europe for a little bit so we had the luxury of touring in Ireland, England, France, Germany and Amsterdam. We were kinda pinching ourselves everyday to see if we would wake up from all this."

    MisterWives have only existed as a band for three years now, but in those last three years, they've amassed a loyal and intense following which has allowed them to sell out Terminal 5 in their native New York (the show is tomorrow night, and we know it's going to be a heck of an evening). When pressed on why they think they've been able to connect with fans so totally in the last three years, William didn't know for sure but he had a theory.

    "We all wanna have a really good time; we want the people who come to the shows to have a good time and feel good about themselves. Hopefully, it's really about the positivity is what keeps people coming."

    When MisterWives first formed in 2012, frontwoman Mandy Lee wasn't looking to create a pop sensation. She wanted to find an 80s cover band for a birthday party. But the band came together, and the synergy proved to be something audiences couldn't ignore, although selling out one of NY's most famous rock clubs is a big change from the band's humble beginnings when they were were working in restaurants that were mere blocks from one another.

    "On this tour, we have the luxury of having lights that we brought out built like a treehouse. The album is called Our House because we wrote a lot of it in a treehouse, so we decided to build another treehouse and make that a part of the space design and incorporate that in with the lights. So there are a couple things when it comes to the theatrics of the show."

    Despite the increasing theatrics and production value of the band's new tour, MisterWives haven't lost sight of the things that make their shows and music special.

    "We always want the live versions to sound different than the recorded versions for a variety of reasons. We don't use [backing] tracks at all, everything we play is actually played, so that creates challenges but at the same time it allows you to reinvent a song you recorded in the studio."

    One of the most fascinating elements of MisterWives from day one has been the band's incorporated so many different sounds into their music. Folk, pop, light electronic elements. And when asked about what bands in these areas inspired them as musicians, William was candid about how playing with their peers pushes them forward as musicians.

    "We have played with a number of bands we find personally inspiring. Twenty One Pilots, we learned a lot from those performances. We're constantly listening to new music and when we get to play festivals, we can see bands we otherwise wouldn't see live. I don't know if you've seen Alabama Shakes but you should see them, they're great live."

    And if you think that it would be tough trying to write a song with such a vast set of inspirations as a band, you'd be right, but William explained the group's songwriting process to us as well.

    "We work on the lyrics and the melodies and chord progressions so when we're working on individual parts it happens pretty organically. It's a very open ended discussion. So say I have an idea for say the keyboard part, were very collaborative, in that aspect, then when our drummer or keyboard player has an idea for a part we always try it."

    MisterWives dropped one of the delightful surprise records of the year with Our House. When we shot this band a while back, we knew that they had massive star potential, and we couldn't be happier that MisterWives is turning their dreams into a reality.

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