Jose Gonzalez Sent A Camera Into Space In New 'Every Age' Video
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 05, 2014

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    José González is the rare niche artist with mass appeal. His lullaby folk is grounded in pondering without being weighted down with woe. González has embraced weightlessness and shed the ground in the video for his new single "Every Age". Collaborating with Assembled in Sweden and Narwhal Pictures, González and the Eyes in Space collective sent a camera into the clouds, through the atmosphere, and into the great unknown that is outer space. Equipped with immersive 360-film, the experience is captured as if you were turning your head in space.

    The video is the maiden voyage for Eyes In Space, whose mission is to weave together scientific innovation with artistic experimentation in order to "open new worlds." Out space is the ambitious first destination of the collective, and "Every Age" is the appropriate score. The song, punctuated by the echoes of acoustic strings, climbs the stratosphere with the camera, building from hopeful to realized as real footage of the Earth floats into view. Explore below:

    "Every Age" comes in anticipation of GonZález' forthcoming album Vestiges & Claws, due out February 2015. Pre order it on iTunes. See below for album artwork, and the full track list:

    1. With The Ink Of A Ghost
    2. Let It Carry You
    3. Stories We Build, Stories We Tell
    4. The Forest
    5. Leaf Off / The Cave
    6. Every Age
    7. What Will
    8. Vissel
    9. Afterglow
    10. Open Book

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